Pymp'd is a frontend for mpd in the style of rhythmbox and itunes, written in python, with pygtk. Pymp'd itself is not a music player, but is actually a frontend to mpd, a daemon for playing and managing music.

Many thanks go to mackstann for his libpympdclient.



0.08 Release. 2007-04-28

Hai guys, here is a new release with a few minor changes. The trayicon tooltip looks a little nicer, now, and the GUI was revised a bit. In addition, the columns will now stay in the same order that they are moved to when pympd restarts. Pympd is in a mostly usable state (for me), so the releases are slow and in between. To get the release, check our sourceforge downloads page

0.07 Released. 2006-07-14

Ok, so, it may be a little late but it is muchos awesome. There are two new submitted plugins from bkgood and michwill as well as overall polishings. Check it out here.
Note: this is our first file release on sourceforge's public mirrors, :-D


0.07 RC1 Released. 2006-06-09

This is the release candidate for the next version of pympd. It is a very polished version with lots of improvements towards the GUI and usability as well as in the plugin department. Hopefully there are little to no bugs. When this release is confirmed to be usable by enough people, then pympd will have an actual file release on the main sourceforge mirrors. Download me.


Updates! 2006-05-29

I know it's been a while since we've posted here, but if you've been following the svn repo, you may have noticed some new and exciting stuff in pympd. To start with, there are some new plugins (even a plugin to add a stopbutton to the player!). Additionally, gnome-python-extras is no longer going to be a dependancy. That's right, we are going to be distributing the trayicon module with pympd to reduce the bloat needed to install pympd. Finally, version 0.07 should be expected within the next two weeks (for real, this time). I'll probably go over all the new stuff when it is released.
Oh yeah, I think that pympd might be making it into Debian. Yay.


0.06.1! 2006-03-21

It turns out the previous version wasn't completely bug free. Some bugfixes are included in this one, including the ability to play streams. Also, fixed the configuration reader, the displayed icons and updated the versioning.
If you wish to install pympd, you must install it via the Makefile, not with Download it

- whatah

Release of 0.06! 2006-02-11

Pympd 0.06 is released, it should be relatively bug free. Please be nice to it.
Important: Note that you have to delete your old ~/.pympd/pympd.conf for pympd to run. Additionally, if you wish to install pympd, you must install it via the Makefile, not with Download it

- whatah

Release Candidate 1 for 0.06! 2006-02-03

I am almost finished with 0.06, here is the release candidate for it. If no bugs are reported, the next version should be released within the week. Some changes are:

Important: Note that you have to delete your old ~/.pympd/pympd.conf for pympd to run. Additionally, if you wish to install pympd, you must install it via the Makefile, not with Download it

- whatah

A few updates 2006-01-15

Well, I've been working on pympd some more, as I promised a release before the end of January. So far what's been implemented: configurable keybindings, a new configuration setup (using ConfigParser), and a rewritten audioscrobbler plugin and queue plugin. I pretty much ripped off this guy's design for the audioscrobbler plugin.
Screenshotty Goodness


Queueing Patch and Random Release- 0.05.2 2005-11-16

Fixed a small bug or two in the previous release. The plugin spec is undergoing some changes, there is a new tabbed interface, and a plugin for this up and coming queue patch is in the works. Download the new release 0.05.2
You can grab the queue patch here This patch is against mpd-svn. Grab that and then grab the CVS of pympd (also a bit buggy, probably)


FHS Standards Compliance - 0.05.1 2005-11-10

Supposedly there are some Standards, and now we should be compliant with them. This new release may be somewhat buggy, but it should be much more threadsafe, too. Try it out at your own risk.

Download the bugs

REW NELEASE - 0.05! 2005-10-18

I wish I could enumerate all the features of pympd here, but you'll just have to content yourself with knowing that I say it's awesome. Chromakode, of Felt Tip Gaim fame, has made an icon for pympd, it is surely very badass, check out his stuff at The website will be under some construction over the next few days, so be sure to check back to find out how to write your own plugins and see new screenshots. Download teh Latest


0.05 Release Candidate 4! 2005-10-16

The release candidate for version 0.05 is out, features that weren't added: Stream Support and Configurable Accels. Features that were added: two new plugins, one to keep a log of MPD song changes and one to start mpd when pympd is started. There are also a bunch of UI changes and bugfixes. This is our cleanest version yet. Get your mitten on! (Click the link to download)


New Features planned for upcoming releases

For the next release, we have several features planned: including stream support, a split player/browser for compact mode as seen here and configurable keyboard shortcuts.


Ebuilds Now available: 2005-08-21

Anton Romanov has submitted an ebuild to the gentoo bug tracker, Check it out


Second Release: 0.04 2005-08-20

Well, when I said let us know, you really let me know you wanted an installer for pympd. Thanks to andrewski, there is now a distutils installer included with this tarball. Andrewski also wrote a PKGBUILD for the archlinux users out there. Another Download! (Click to download) And a PKGBUILD


First Release: 0.03 2005-08-13

Our first release is now available. I have used it for weeks now and consider it stable enough for everyone to use. If you find any bugs, let us know. Do Eet! (Click to download)


Ported! 2005-08-06

We have now ported pympd to work with mackstann's libpympdclient2. What's this mean for you? Faster database reading times of course! We also have a new plugin in the works, a coverviewer. We should be nearing release, so look sharp.


Screenshots Posted - 2005-07-01

A few screenshots of the alpha version of pymp'd have been posted for your viewing pleasure.

Site Online! - 2005-07-01

Welcome to the pymp'd development page. Updates will be posted here as the development progresses. Most of the links in the menu to the left are still inactive. I will activate them once I get around to setting up the respective portions of the website.